About ICA

Welcome to the Indian College of Anaesthesiologists (ICA). The ICA is a professional academic organisation of qualified anaesthesiologists of India or Indian origin. The Indian College of Anaesthesiologists was established in 2008 as a non-governmental, non-profitable academic institution.
It is registered as an academic trust with functional autonomy. The activities of the ICA are spread all over India and abroad. The vision of the ICA is to streamline and improve the academics, promote uniformity of teaching and training of the postgraduate students and quality of practice of the speciality of Anaesthesiology throughout the country. We have now started extending associate membership to foreign nationals who desire to get benefits of academic activities of ICA. It will be for a period of 3 years only and the members shall benefit from the weekly online webinar series and also can participate in webinars, conferences and various academic programs under the aegis of ICA.

ICA represents a model of unity in structure, process and functions as a corporate college. The college has regional representation in its establishment and links international reciprocability of qualification. ICA hopes to attain implicit authority in our country to make decisions affecting postgraduate medical education, conducting examinations in anaesthesiology and award of degree/diplomas, the accreditation status of teaching hospitals (government/corporate), official recognition of new areas in speciality, quality improvement in anaesthesia practice and some aspects of the professional life, public image of member fellows of the college.
The Indian college of Anaesthesiologists is functioning as an independent organization, as an autonomous trust remaining within the framework of regulations of the trust deed.

Apart from the national headquarters at Delhi, the ICA has five different regional zones representing north (Dr. Susheela Taxak) , west (Dr. Deepa Kane), south (Dr. Muralidhar Kanchi), east and north east (Dr. Jyotsna Goswami) and central zone (Dr. Bimla Sharma, Dr. Pradeep Jain). Each zone is looked after by a zonal coordinator, shown above.

The administration rests with the governing body of the college comprising of Board of Trustees of ICA combined with members selected from different areas of health care in India. Governing body functions through the board of trustees (management) with its specified committee on academic, estate and establishment The governing body and management committee (board of Trustees) together known as Working committee of the Indian college of anaesthesiologists meet 4 times in an year at fixed intervals. The committees occasionally sit independently also.
The members representing each committee are listed separately and elected members as well as nominated members get replaced every third year during Annual General Body meeting / Working committee meetings.

Board of Trustees:     Late Dr.Ved Prakash Kumra,   Dr.Manorama Mittal,   Dr. B Radhakrishnan,  Dr. Jayashree Sood,  Dr.Baljit Singh,   Dr.L.D.Mishra,  Dr.Muralidhar Kanchi,  Dr.Savita Babar,   Dr.Vijay Vohra,   Dr.Roshan Lal Garg,   Dr.Bimla Sharma,   Dr.Pradeep Jain,   Dr.Raminder Sehgal   and   Dr.Naveen Malhotra.

Governing Body Members:

  1. President of the college
  2. Three Vice Presidents (committee chairpersons)
  3. Two chief executive officers of the college
  4. Dean/Registrar of the college
  5. Three members representing each ICA committee on academics, estate, establishment
  6. Three members elected from annual general body meeting
  7. Three members nominated by the board of trustees of ICA
  8. One member from university grants commission (Ex officio / nominated - UGC)
  9. One member from union ministry of Health & Family Welfare (ex officio/nominated - MOH)
  10. One member from Union Ministry of Human Resource department (ex officio/ nominated - HRD)
  11. One member from Union Department of Science & Technology (ex officio/ nominated –DST)
  12. One member representing subspeciality organizations of Anaesthesiology (ex officio / nominated in rotation from Cardiac/Neuro/Pain/OB-GYN/RSACP/ITACCAS) one year duration.

Each governing body member has five year term from the date of induction except for the member from Anaesthesia sub specialty organization. Composition of members in each committee, their role, privileges from ICA, obligations to ICA and retention in committees are narrated in the Trust deed of ICA


Reg.No.5492/Addl Book No.4/Vol No.2567 + Reg No.706/Book No.4/Vol No.3184 GIR No.1-1801 No.CIT (E) I 2016-17/DEL-IE27464-20012017/8173 dt 20.01.2017 (80G- IT Act 1961- Approved) Reg. No: CIT (E)1 2016-17/DEL-1R25828-20012017-7106 dt 21.01.2017 (12 AA & 12A) Permanent Account Number: No.AAAT19219D

Courses / Training

Indian College of Anaesthesiologists runs many different accredited courses at different parts of India through corporate hospitals. The courses are accredited by ICA. The courses are residential and stipendiary. The various courses, duration of the course are shown below and further details of the course will be available on contacting the nodal person assigned to run the course.
Fellowship Course in Simulation Anaesthesia, Deep brain stimulation/ complicated orthopaedics/ complicated obstetrics, Airway management are being negotiated at certain centres and are in the pipeline.


Indian College of Anaesthesiologists is awarding fellowships to eligible lCA members with creditable, academic achievements and practice. Certain criteria are fixed for awarding the fellowship and maximum number of 5 honorary fellowships titled “FICA (Fellow of Indian College of Anaesthesiologists”) is conferred every year. Fellowship selection is done by a committee consisting of members from Board of Trustee, ICA. The fellowship is distributed at ICA convocation conducted in every year during annual national conference. The selection is done in three categories

  1. Young talents
  2. Diploma holders with long service and creditable achievements
  3. Amongst all other eligible members (not included in one & two)

Each fellow upon receipt of fellowship is requested to take oath of ICA so as to strengthen the solidarity amongst members and specimen copy of Oath delivered in 2018 convocation is produced.

Indian College of Anaesthesiologists

ICA- Convocation -2018

“Oath” - ICA

I, shall, in thought, word and deed, endeavour to be scrupulously honest, in discharging the duties to my profession and shall uphold the dignity and integrity of my profession and the honour of Indian College of Anaesthesiologists.

I shall, uphold and advance, the professional order, and the wellbeing of our fellow members and I shall abide by judgement, ruling and opinion of governing bodies of Indian College of Anaesthesiologists.

I, pledge myself to do all in my power to promote and obtain the goals and activities of the Indian College of Anaesthesiologists.

All this I solemnly pledge and will perform to the best of my ability at all times.

Member, (Indian College of Anaesthesiologists)

President's Office  /   Head Office

  • Indian College of Anaesthesiologists (ICA)
  • Institute of Anaesthesiology, Pain & Perioperative Medicine
  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  • Rajinder Nagar
  • New Delhi-110060, India
  • Ph: 0114225-2510/2523
  • E-mail: anaesthesiologistsindiancol@gmail.com